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Thanks for visiting SR Bars – home of great tasting protein bars you won’t feel guilty about eating! 

Whether you adhere to a strict Paleo diet, have a gluten or lactose intolerance, don’t like putting chemicals into your body, or just want a delicious, high-protein bar, you’ll fit right in here!

Whether you’re a Crossfitter, bodybuilder, yogi, outdoor enthusiast, or any other type of athlete, we’re confident our bars can help fuel your workouts, recover after, or just provide a clean source of protein whenever you need.

All of our bars are gluten & grain free, dairy free, soy free, and free of artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

We are a small, independently run company striving to give you a healthy and delicious source of protein when you’re on the go (or when you’re not on the go)!

SR Bars began as a kitchen experiment to satisfy our cravings for a good tasting protein bar that wouldn’t mean cheating on our clean diets or leave us feeling bad about eating ingredients we couldn’t pronounce. We also noticed that a lot of bars claiming to be high protein only had 9-11 grams – that’s not high protein! And when we were able to find a bar that combined quality ingredients with high protein content, we felt like we were sacrificing the taste.

Thus, we set out to make a bar that was all of the above: a good source of protein, not bogged down with artificial ingredients and sweeteners, but still delicious to eat. After many, many hours in the kitchen and not-quite-right (and some really not right) versions, SR Bars was born.

We launched in Fall 2013 and are based in Virginia Beach. We look forward to expanding our line of bars and growing as a brand. We hope to get increasingly involved in active communities to help as many athletes as possible fuel their passions with good, clean protein. Check out our SR Bar Athletes and learn more about how you can become involved with our brand!

Grey & Esther pic

Esther – Owner/CEO 

Esther grew up attempting to play team sports but not really excelling at any and eventually found her way to a gym in late high school. After the movie Office Space led her to pursue a degree in Exercise Science, she began a career in fitness, working as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager, Group Fitness Instructor, and Exercise Specialist in a variety of settings.

She discovered the Paleo diet in an effort to get in shape for her 26th birthday party and has been mostly on the wagon since then. A cross-country move prompted her to begin Paleo kitchen experiments, and not long after, SR Bars was born.

These days she’s dabbling in Crossfit workouts but also enjoys yoga, running, adventure races, and just about anything that will make her break a sweat.

Grey –  Co-Owner

Grey played sports throughout his entire youth (mostly baseball and football) and excelled more than Esther.  He eventually played baseball at the college level and earned a degree in International Business.  After graduating, he realized that despite playing 4 years of D1 sports, he had somehow managed to be incredibly out of shape due to an unhealthy diet and poor exercise habits.

After settling into his first post-collegiate job he was introduced to a local crossfit gym and got his first taste of the Paleo diet. Ever since, he has tried his hand at many different forms of exercise, but mostly has remained faithful to the Paleo diet (Esther LOLs as this is typed).

Recently, he has been focusing on Olympic and Powerlifting, running, swimming, Crossfit, and eating SR Bars.

Tell us why! Show us in a page-or-so and a few pictures, what sets you apart, how you will promote our brand, and how you embody the SR Bars mission. Include your answers to the questions on the SR Bar Athletes page, links to your website/blog/anything you think will show us that we need you on our team!

To recap, to be considered for a SR Bar athlete position, compile the following & send it to us:

  • A few pictures of you in action
  • A page (give-or-take) explaining to us what you’re all about – what you do, why you want to be a SR Bar Athlete, and how you plan on promoting our brand
  • Answers to the SR Bar Athlete Bio questions
  • Any relevant links or cool info you want to share with us

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Wow I love these Bars.  I will be ordering more for sure.  Thanks so much for making them and shipping them quickly.  I highly recommend SR Bars.

Don Francis Don Francis